Tursas – Tournament Burst

S: 5  G: 5  T: -3  F: 1


Understable mid-range with outstanding control for anhyzers. Very easy to throw.

An advanced version of VIP-plastic that contains technical polymers. You cannot see through Tournament plastic. The durability of Tournament plastic is at the same level than VIP Plastic, but the Tournament’s grip is slightly better. Our Tournament plastic is closely similar to Latitude GOLD plastic.

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Ljusblå Burst179g 1 i lager
Ljusblå Burst180g 1 i lager
Rosa Burst178g 2 i lager

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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Ljusblå Burst, Rosa Burst


173g, 178g, 179g, 180g