Trasher – Z Line


Färg Vikt StockQuantity
Blå172g 1 i lager
Gul172g 2 i lager
Gul174g 1 i lager
Ljusgrön174g 1 i lager
Orange172g 1 i lager
Rödrosa174g 1 i lager
Turkos174g 1 i lager
Vit174g 1 i lager

Double down on your firepower with Thrasher! It’s very fast and understable but not flippy, allowing huge distance from slower arms yet is completely big arm friendly. It will finish on a slow hyzer in most situations, so expect some gloriously clean anhyzers with a mild finish!

Z-Line Highest durability. – Vibrant translucent colors. – Choice of pros under normal condition – Slow seasoning.