Swirly S-Line FD October Ghouls – Jackal

S: 7  G: 6  T: -1  F: 1

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Discmania’s first true Fairway Driver is also known as the Jackal. The FD is so controllable low-speed driver, that once you learn its magic you’ll never leave it out of your bag. Packed with gigantic glide, this bad boy is also sneaky long if thrown accordingly. The Jackal is at its best when you need to make an accurate drive and land smoothly on the fairway.
The Discmania FD is essential to all players. It is so versatile that it is claimed as the best fairway driver on the market. As a speed seven disc, the FD falls in the middle of almost all disc speeds. With a trusty flight, the consistency of this disc is essential to all players bags. It is comfortable in the hand, feels fast, and it has a ton of glide. It is perfect for hyzer flip, turn over, roller, and tailwind shots.

S-Line. Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means that your disc doesn’t change drastically in it’s flight behaviour after a couple of collisions with trees. Very similar to Innova’s Star plastic. Recommended plastic for drivers.


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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Blå Swirl, Blågrå Swirl, Grön Swirl, Grönbeige Swirl, Grönröd Swirl, Gulbeige Swirl, Lila Swirl, Ljusgrön Swirl, Mörkgrön Swirl, Rosa Swirl, Rosagrå Swirl, Turkos Swirl


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