Star – Teebird

S: 7  G: 5  T: 0  F: 2


Rosa171g 1 i lager
Vit171g 5 i lager
Blå171g 4 i lager
Gröngul170g 1 i lager
Gröngul171g 1 i lager

The TeeBird is one of our most accurate and reliable fairway drivers. It has a combination of straight flight, high glide and good speed that make it accurate and long flying both upwind and downwind. It is a popular choice for pros including 12-time World Champion and Hall-of-Famer Ken Climo. It is very versatile driver: excellent for pin-point accuracy, distance and sidearm.

Innova’s Star Line plastic is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star Plastic offers almost the same outstanding durability of the Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like our Pro Plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip make Innova Star Line discs the ideal choice for your game.

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