Star Shryke


Färg Vikt StockQuantity
Blå173-175g 2 i lager
Lila170g 2 i lager
Lila173-175g 2 i lager
Röd173-175g 1 i lager
Blå171g 1 i lager

The Shryke is an easy to throw, very long range driver for a wide variety of players. A mild high speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode, which along with its high aerodynamic speed, give it incredible distance. The low speed fade is also mild, which makes it easy to keep on the fairway. The Shryke is similar to our popular Tern but faster and slightly more high speed stable.

Innova’s Star Line plastic is created with a special blend of grippy, resilient polymers. Star Plastic offers almost the same outstanding durability of the Champion Plastic, plus improved grip like our Pro Plastic. High performance, longevity, and superior grip make Innova Star Line discs the ideal choice for your game.

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