Sky God II Swirly S-line P2 Simon Lizotte

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This second coming of the popular Simon Lizotte signature series putter!
Sky Gods are perfect for power drives off the tee, or up shots that need a disc with more stability. The P2 is an essential weapon for any player at any skill level, it’s a great driving putter that will keep it’s flight pattern for ages.
The Sky God artwork continues the striking imagery of the Signature Series releases. The Sky God will soar through the clouds and lower scores. Join Simon in throwing the Sky God this season and pick up your stack now!

P2 has a deeper rim than the P1 and that provides it greater high speed stability but does not make it more overstable at low speeds. This disc can take higher arm speed and stronger winds and not turn over.

Excellent grip in all weather conditions with great durability. This plastic ages well, which means that your disc doesn’t change drastically in it’s flight behaviour after a couple of collisions with trees. Very similar to Innova’s Star plastic. Recommended plastic for drivers.

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