Pro – Thunderbird

S: 9  G: 5  T: 0  F: 2


Blå175g 3 i lager
Gul175g 2 i lager
Orange175g 4 i lager

The Thunderbird comes from strong bloodlines. The stability of a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie; it can be described as a seasoned Firebird with less fade. The Thunderbird is predictable in wind and a great long range placement driver. Pros will appreciate the shot shaping ability of this driver while less expericed players will find a consistant, predictable flight.

Pro Is more durable than DX, and provides a better grip than Champion Plastic.


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Vikt 180 g

Blå, Grön, Gul, Orange, Röd


170g, 171g, 172g, 173g, 174g, 175g