P-line PD2

Now go add some variable products!

The legendary PD2 with grippy P-line plastic and the new simplistic stamp design.

The PD2 is an extremely fast and stable driver. The P-line version of the PD2 is considerably less crazy overstable than S-line and C-line versions of the PD2. Big arms will be able to shape huge S-curve lines with this disc. It’s also a great first overstable high speed driver for advanced level players. Formerly also known by the name “Chaos”.

 P-Line plastic is one of the grippiest plastics out there. Discs have a great feel and added glide. P-Line plastic is typically a bit more understable compared to S- and C-line plastic. As a disc wears down, the flight pattern will vary a bit from the original, becoming less stable.

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