G-Star Destroyer

S: 12  G: 5  T: -1  F: 3


The GStar Destroyer seems to be a touch less overstable as the Star & Champion versions of the Big D. For powerful arms, this disc offers long & controlled S-curves out-of-the-box, while the players with less arm speed will appreciate the Destroyer’s long predictable flight and the dependable fade at the end.

The Destroyer is a very fast stable long distance driver. This disc is much like a faster Wraith, but with a little more high and low speed stability. Great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. Can handle headwinds and throws with off axis torque. Not suggested for beginning players.

Innova’s GStar material is an unique blend of Innova’s hugely popular Star plastic. The GStar discs are more grippy and flexible than regular Star line discs.

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Orange171g 1 i lager
Orange170g 1 i lager
Lila171g 1 i lager
Grön175g 1 i lager
Gul175g 1 i lager
Orange175g 1 i lager

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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Grön, Gul, Lila, Orange, Röd


170g, 171g, 175g