G-line PD2

Now go add some variable products!

The PD2 is an extremely fast and stable driver. For big arms and windy days. The G-line version of the PD2 is not quite as crazy overstable as the S- and C-line PD2’s, but it still does pack a mighty big fade that you can depend on. The PD2’s extremely predictable overstable flight pattern combined with the superb grip of the G-line plastic is a match made in heaven for all conditions, but especially for the cold weather and high winds of the fall/winter -season.

Discmania’s extremely grippy and durable plastic blend that feels great in your hand and absorbs collisions very nicely. Similar to Innova’s popular GStar plastic, the G-line is the perfect choice for rounds in cold weather, as it stays flexy even when the temperature drop below zero. The G-line plastic also features a beautiful metallic shimmer that makes each disc look unique.

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