G-line PD

S: 10  G: 4  T: 0  F: 3


The G-PD features a low profile and offers and phenomenal grip and comfort. It can fight the wind and high speeds without turning over and features a very true and straight flight path in high speeds. When the speed slows down, you can depend on the reliable fade that the PD offers.

Power and control in the same disc. Possibly the best all-around driver for advanced and Pro-level players.

The PD is a fast and stable Power Driver which is very resistant to the wind. The PD has good glide and is useful for sidearms, stable power shots, and long flex shots for experienced players. This disc offers longer and straighter shots with a reliable low speed fade. If you’re hesitant to try the Power Driver, ask anyone who’s tried it – this disc is a true crowd favorite.

Discmania’s extremely grippy and durable plastic blend that feels great in your hand and absorbs collisions very nicely. Similar to Innova’s popular GStar plastic, the G-line is the perfect choice for rounds in cold weather, as it stays flexy even when the temperature drop below zero. The G-line plastic also features a beautiful metallic shimmer that makes each disc look unique.

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