ESP – Zeus Paul McBeth

S: 12  G: 5  T: -1  F: 3

Now go add some variable products!

Paul McBeth adds a second disc to his line up – the Zeus distance driver. Fast, shallow, with grip for days. You’ll feel a connection to this disc as soon as it’s in your hand. From the shallow rim and perfectly shaped edge, to the soft and grippy feel of the ESP plastic, this driver will elevate high speed arms to the next level of competition. Delivering even more glide than expected, you’ll find yourself trusting in Zeus time and time again.

ESP – Advanced polymer plastic. – Grippier than Z-Plastic. – Higher durability than Elite X.

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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Blå Swirl, Gråbeige Swirl, Grålila Swirl, Grön Swirl, Gulbeige Swirl, Lila Swirl, Ljusblå Swirl, Ljusrosa Swirl, Orange Swirl, Peach Swirl, Rosa Swirl, Svart, Vitgrön Swirl


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