ESP – Scorch


Färg Vikt StockQuantity
Orange172g 1 i lager
Grå172g 1 i lager
Ljusgrön174g 1 i lager
Ljusgrön172g 2 i lager
Blå172g 1 i lager
Gul172g 1 i lager
Beige174g 4 i lager
Beige172g 1 i lager
Lila174g 3 i lager
Lila174g 1 i lager
Rosa174g 2 i lager

Designed to provide maximum glide with a reliable fade regardless of your skill level. Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Scorch an easy to throw straight flier that will fight to come back, even in the wind, while Advanced and Professionals can expect high-speed turn and a late finish producing amazing distance.

ESP – Advanced polymer plastic. – Grippier than Z-Plastic. – Higher durability than Elite X.