ESP Anax Prototype – Paul McBeth

S: 10  G: 6  T: 0  F: 3


Rosabeige Swirl175g 1 i lager
Lila Swirl173g 1 i lager
Grön Swirl169g 1 i lager
beigebrun Swirl169g 1 i lager
Beigeorange Swirl168g 1 i lager
Ljusrosa Swirl175g 1 i lager
Lila Swirl175g 1 i lager
Grå Swirl175g 1 i lager

The Anax (pronounced ”Onyx”) is Paul McBeth’s new signature fairway/power driver. This 10 speed driver will fight the wind and stay straight down the fairway before a nice fade at the end. Slower arm speeds will find this disc to be very reliable for shorter fairway drivers. Big arms can expect big distance out of the Anax.

ESP – Advanced polymer plastic. – Grippier than Z-Plastic. – Higher durability than Elite X.

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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

beigebrun Swirl, Beigeorange Swirl, Blå Swirl, Blålila Swirl, Grå Burst, Grå Swirl, Grön Swirl, Lila Swirl, Ljusrosa Swirl, Orangelila Swirl, Orangerosa Swirl, Peach Swirl, Rosa Swirl, Rosabeige Swirl, Turkos Swirl


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