Doombird 2 – Lizotte Signature Swirly S-Line FD3

S: 9  G: 4  T: 0  F: 3

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Discmania presents Simon Lizottes Signature Swirl S-line FD3, The Doom Bird 2. The Doom Bird 2 stares down the competition from a high perch with it’s menacing glare and wings spread wide, waiting to speed down the fairway on big hyzers and crush through headwinds as if they were nothing. With a reliable stability and the ability to carve shots in the sky, this chain hungry carnivore is a necessity for Simon’s Bag and should be for yours as well. Be ready to wield The Creature of Doom alongside Simon this season and and take your game to never before seen heights with the Doom Bird 2.

The FD3 is Discmania’s most overstable Fairway Driver. These very special FD3’s come with the amazing Swirly S-line plastic and the very cool Doom Bird stamp will likely be a popular collector item for years to come.

These discs come from the 4th run of the Swirly S-FD3, produced in mid 2018 and feature a bit more dome than it’s predecessors, to offer you that amazing forward pushing glide in high speeds. The FD3 is made for anyone who can appreciate an overstable fairway driver you can trust in all conditions.

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Vikt 180 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Beigeblå Swirl, Khaki Swirl, Lilablå Swirl