Discmania Lite Basket

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Countless hours of testing with various different putting styles showed that for this type of basket, setting the chains in two rows is not the best way to go.
The chain configuration in our LITE Basket works both vertical and horizontal, allowing lighter chain to be used to allow both lighter overall weight and improved catching ability.
This chain configuration also prevents the discs to slide through the chains, reducing the number of unfair spit-outs.

One of the key aspects of the new LITE Basket is its lightweight. Weighing only 8 Kilograms (17.6 pounds),
this basket is easy to take with you wherever you want set up your dream course or start a practice putting session.
The LITE Basket is also easy to bring along on trips, as when collapsed, it can easily fit to the trunk of just about every car out there.

The LITE Basket is offered with a neat-looking sales package that can be saved for storing the basket when it’s not use.
Assembling the basket takes only a couple of minutes and no tools are required.

AFFORDABLEWe wanted to create a practice basket just about anyone can purchase and this means the retail price of the
LITE Basket is substantially lower than with other full metal baskets out there.We strongly believe that the
Discmania LITE Basket will set a new standard for lightweight practice baskets. It gives you the realistic putting
experience with affordable price. We’ve minimized the amount of spit outs with the new inventive chain configuration,
so you could have the most realistic results for your putting session.
Now you can only blame yourself for the unsuccessful putts. Try it out, we bet you’ll love it!
LITE Basket measurementsHeight*: 120cm / 45,2″
Basket top height: 72cm / 28,3″
Basket width: 63cm / 24,8″
Chain rack width: 55cm / 21,7″
Chain area height: 45cm / 17,7″
*(Measured from bottom to top of chain rack, does not include the flag)


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Lite Basket