Dagger – Zero Hard

S: 2  G: 5  T: 0  F: 1


The Dagger has been developed in co-operation with Dave Feldberg and is a deep dish beaded putter. Feldberg says it is comparable to a big bead Aviar, Wizard, Challenger, etc., but deeper with more float.

Zero Line is the soft grippy putter plastic used in our putters and approach discs. The plastic is chosen because of the good grip and feel. The feel you need in your short game!

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Gräddrosa174g 2 i lager
Ljusblå174g 2 i lager
Rosa173g 1 i lager
Rosa174g 1 i lager
Svart173g 1 i lager
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Vikt 175 g
Dimensioner 22 × 22 × 2 cm

Gräddrosa, Ljusblå, Rosa, Svart


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