Avery Jenkins Color Glow C-Line PD Dark Maul

S: 10  G: 4  T: 0  F: 3


The Discmania PD has been one of our most popular discs since it was released. With many memorable runs there are some occasional gems that stand out from the rest. The Avery Jenkins Color Glow C-Line PD Dark Maul not only stands out, it has a little extra roar with it as well.

Jenkins, a veteran of Team Discmania, has called the PD one of his favorites from Discmania and it’s fitting the first specialty run of the PD in Color Glow C-Line material is a signature release for the man himself.

There is something special about the flight of a PD when it is perfectly dialed in. You get that perfect combination of speed, glide, high speed stability, and a dependable fade. It is a disc that changed the sport.

Out of the box, the the Dark Maul will show a great stability at high speeds and resist turns while fighting headwinds. During our initial tests, we were facing 10-15 mph headwinds and the Dark Maul fought back and held a laser straight line on every throw.



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